About me




My name is Patrizia Stiegler. I was born in Vienna, but I currently live in London. I work in the theatre, love tea and books and I am always looking for the next adventure behind a theatre curtain

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney



Stage Management

So what does a Stage Manager do?
The list is too long to put it down, but let’s say we are married to the stage and make sure you survive your performance while at the same time hiding behind the curtain from the audience. Tea?

I trained stage management at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD) . Originally trained as an actress, I soon found out I was rather cueing in the tech booth, hunting down strange and obscure props/ furniture and the pleasure of being backstage. I am fascinated by the storytelling aspect of theatre and how different it can be perceived by  the audience. When I am in the rehearsal room or backstage, seeing the magic happen and when the final piece some together, that is a moment of pure happiness.

Another aspect I find important is to never stop learning as a stage manager. The industry develops so fast, that you one has to be an open person and be able to adapt quickly.

So far, I have worked on several productions in the stage management department in Vienna and London. I love both cities and their different ways of working keep me on my toes.  I have experience in covering all the three roles within a Stage Management team from my time at the RCSSDOutside of University I have worked in fringe shows, devised theatre, events and did my work experience in a producing house. With working in theatre, also  came  a few experiences in film.

Project Management   

After I finished my degree in Stage Management I decided to take an MFA in Creative Producing. Through out the course I do not see myself as a Producer in the classical context, but rather as a facilitator and collaborator with creatives.  I have the skill set of a Producer, but I feel more comfortable working within a team and having one foot on the ground ( or rather backstage). This is also mirrored in what I do. What really fascinates me are logistics, planning and working cross culture and cross-medium.

Interested? Go to Portfolio to find out more about my projects or have a look at my CV on linkedin or here