dotdotdot – Open Air Shortfilm Festival

dotdotdot – Open Air Shortfilm Festival is a festival; of the different kind. It takes place in the garden of the Volkundemuseum in Vienna, for the each weekend in July, before it switches to their short film festival for children, age 3-10 in August. I was the technical Assistant for the “adult” festival. The films are not bound by languages, but there was a different theme each weekend. It is also a festival without barriers, there was wheelchair access, there always someone translating the spoken word into sign language and radio mics for blind people, so they also experience the films and the talks. I was running lights and helping the Technical  Manager with rigging them as well as the speakers. Due to the regulations, we were only  allowed a certain volume level outdoors, which proofed a challenge, when the films were especially quiet spoken. However, I am really glad to have been on the project as I relearned all the technical terms in German as all well as their names for the  technical equipment. It is different to our English terminology, but so useful to know it in both languages.

This was the first year of the project and I hope there are many more to come!