Here is what other people say about me. Full references can provided if requested


She is well suited to working in theatre, due to her loyalty and fast reactions when they are  needed. Miss Stiegler’s skills are wide ranging and she has a realistic and optimistic approach to situations. She is open to new developments, a good listener, welcoming to others  and very team orientated. – Theater an der Wien 


In management, she gravitates naturally towards a second-in- command role, providing support by handling research, logistics and generally making the situation run smoothly, allowing those she’s supporting to focus on work. As a producer who works across several disciplines, I find this support and adaptability invaluable. – Melancholy Star


We were all struck by how suited to the planning side of theatre you are and I think this will be a great area of work for you to go in to. The thoroughness that you have and the recording skills will stand you in very good stead.  –  Jen Lunn, Event Production Manager at the NT


Patrizia ran the show smoothly and calmly, going the extra mile and providing the kind of assistance which is necessary to manage a complex show in a space with limited technical capabilities and which also plays host to a range of single night events that required the packing away and resetting of technical elements and properties. – Old Red Lion


Got stuck in – it’s not an easy job or festival but you threw yourself into it.
You adapted to systems well – you have a logical mind for that.
You had a good relationship with the companies which is a very positive thing for us as a festival
Andy George,  Production Manager of Vaults Festival