Vaults Festival

The Vaults Festival was a great opportunity for me to learn more to learn more about how a Festival runs and what is needed to for it to flourish. I was looking after two venues of 90 seats and 87 seats with a team of Festival Assistants under me. The role of a Venue Stage Manager included:

Working Front of House  ( dealing with customers and audience members), making sure the audience was safe and sound,  that checking the spaces are clean and the change overs between shows were uneventful, as well as generally looking after the 5 companies we had each night, collaborating  with the technicians and the companies to make sure the show runs,

However, what I honed the most were my people skills and how to run a team successfully. The trust that need building in a team and what is needed to foster that trust in order to build long lasting relationships  and what needs looking after

Got stuck in – it’s not an easy job or festival but you threw yourself into it.
You adapted to systems well – you have a logical mind for that.
You had a good relationship with the companies which is a very positive thing for us as a festival
Andy George  – Production Manager of Vaults Festival